About Us

V Audio Limited是國際音響及娛樂品牌 AKG、harman/kardon和JBL耳機之香港及澳門總代理。

作為音響技術先驅和最終用家之橋樑,V Audio Limited致力於引進最先進及合適之音響耳機予所有音樂愛好者。

帶著耳機及音響專家AKG、 harman/kardon及JBL之卓越技術,我們的抱負是要以最極致水平傳遞最原始,優秀和真實的聲音。



V Audio Limited is the distributor of world-class audio and entertainment brands – AKG, harman/kardon and JBL earphones in Hong Kong and Macau.

As a channel between sound technology pioneer and end-users, V Audio Limited is committed to introduce the most advanced and appropriate earphones to all music-lovers.

Equipping with superior technology brought by the headphones and sound experts- AKG, harman/kardon and JBL, our ambition is to deliver the most original, finest and truest sound at its finest.

It’s all about quality.